About Customisation (UV/Laser)


What is your MOQ?

Depending on your order, but if it's our current stock on hand then we can produce it for 1.

Lead Time

How long will the customisation take?

Depending on your order amount, minimally it will take 1 working day. Do contact us for a more accurate estimation.


What can you customise on?

Our printer can on almost any materials; whereas lasering can be done on most stuff except metal where it can only burn the surface.

Corporate Order


Do you have pens. umbrellas or totebags etc?

Yes we have; please reach out to us for a quotation.

Are you able to source products?

Yes definitely, do let us know if you have an idea of what you want. We can source and do the printing in Singapore if the order amount is low


How much is your MOQ for products on your catalouge?

Depending on the product, if there is stock on hand we can produce it for 1 piece.